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​There are thousands of websites hacked every day by hackers. The hacker’s target is to damage your website, data breach, or redirect traffic and they installing a virus on your site that will cause you to steal your visitor’s data. If your website gets hacked, you have to find out how it was hacked and how to fix the issue and restore the website to its proper status. But don’t panic!

When your website has been infected with malware attacks then it will be blocked from visitors and the website may be red-flagged and blocked in web browsers like,

  • Chrome (“The Website Ahead Contains Malware!” Firefox (“Reported Attack Site!”),
  • Internet Explorer (“This website has been reported as unsafe”),
  • Safari (“Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer”),
  • and Opera (“Fraud Warning”)

and also blocked in search engines like Google (“This site may harm your computer.”, “This site may harm your device.”), Yahoo (“Warning: Hacking Risks”) etc…

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