We are increasing our limits!

Hello! We are pretty much excited to share that we are increasing our shared hosting (both cPanel and DirectAdmin) package limits including webspace, websites, and bandwidth! The new limits are listed below,

PackageOld limitsNew limits
BasicWeb space: 1 GBWeb space: 3 GB
StarterWeb space: 3 GBWeb space: 5 GB
StandardWeb space: 5 GBWeb space: 10 GB
ProfessionalWeb space: 10 GBWeb space: 20 GB
DeveloperWeb space: 20 GB
Website: 3
Bandwidth: 300 GB
Web space: 40 GB
Website: 4
Bandwidth: 400 GB
Developer-IIWeb space: 30 GBWeb space: 60 GB
Developer-IIIWeb space: 40 GB
Website: 4
Bandwidth: 400 GB
Web space: 80 GB
Website: 5
Bandwidth: 500 GB
Developer-IVWeb space: 50 GBWeb space: 100 GB

This limit will be effective from 10 February 2021.

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