WooCommerce or Laravel, which one is better for you?

E-commerce is currently a very promising sector in Bangladesh. Today, many people are making a lot of profit by doing e-commerce business. However, most e-commerce is based only on Facebook. However, many people are now starting a website alongside Facebook. What are the benefits of having a website alongside Facebook, which we will discuss in another post? The main topic of our discussion in this post will be which one should you choose for the e-commerce website, WooCommerce or Laravel.

Anyway, now let’s get to the main discussion. This post will be divided into a few sections to discuss why it is convenient for you to understand.

1. Budget

If the website has to be done with all the standard features, then the budget of the Laravel website will be more than WooCommerce. This budget can even be several times.

2. Features

WooCommerce is a full-fledged e-commerce plugin. This includes product listing, shipping, tax, check-out, and many other features built-in. Apart from this, if any more features are needed, new plugins can be installed very easily. For example, if multivendor features are needed, Dokan, WP Marketplace, and other plugins can be installed.

Since Laravel has a framework, it can also be added features at will. If you create a site with a pre-made script, its features will be limited. Again, you will have to spend more money to add a feature in the future.

3. Security

WooCommerce and WordPress are very secure software. These are open source and community made. This means that everyone around the world can see its source code. And the best developers have created and maintained them. That’s why their security system is very good.

Laravel is an open-source framework. The core of it is much more secure. But how secure the website is based on Laravel will depend on the developer. One thing can be said that for those who develop the Laravel website on a small to medium budget, there can be many security risks on those websites.

4. Page Speed

WordPress-WooCommerce is a very light system. That is, its page speed is very good. When hosted on a good server and turning on caching, the page loads very quickly.

Since Laravel is a framework, its page speed depends on the developer’s coding experience. But Laravel Core is very fast and has a caching system.

5. SEO

WordPress-WooCommerce is very good for SEO. Its code output is clean. Apart from this, many SEO plugins are available for free which generate meta tags or Schema. As a result, the site becomes more SEO friendly.

Laravel’s SEO depends on how the developer is developing. Meta tag/Schema requires a separate module or coding. Because of this, the cost is higher.

6. Customization

Most of WooCommerce’s settings can be customized from the front end. Due to this, you can easily edit many things you need without being a developer.

Laravel site on the other hand may not have too many customization options at the front end. As a result, even if you have to make some small changes, you have to take the help of the developer.

What would be better for me?

My opinion is that if you have started a brand new eCommerce business, now if your budget is limited, then you must select WooCommerce. Laravel can choose only if it is an enterprise-level or a much larger project.

If you have any further questions, you can let me know in the comments. We will try to answer.

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